celebsA feature done by a local blog has sought to disclose the first time some popular Kenyan celebrities lost their virginities.

While most got a taste of the ‘forbidden fruit’ in their teenage years, some had sex at 11 and 12 years.

Here is the list:

Shiks Kapienga:


The Hot96 radio presenter revealed that she was 17 years the first time she did it.

Rapper Bobby Mapesa:


Bobby recalls having his first encounter with an elderly lady while in the process of playing kalongolongo (playing house) at age 11. He adds that three years later he had another ‘sexcapade’ with a pastor’s daughter during a kesha (night vigil).
“At the time I knew very little about the consequences of indulging in early sex. Instead I was out to experiment owing to the huge number of pornography I watched in cyber cafes and at friends’ houses while their parents were away,” says Mapesa.

Kush Tracey:


The female rapper says she had her first intercourse at 19 when she was in campus.
“I guess at the time I thought I was mature enough to make a choice between what is right and wrong,” she reveals.

Singer Trapee:


Singer Trapee who describes adult sex as the sweetest thing under the sun lost his virginity at 14, just after completing KCPE.
“It was during a long holiday when my parents travelled home and I used the opportunity to invite a lady friend over to our house to watch a romantic movie and like they say the rest is history.


Vile kunaendanga hit maker had sex for the first time in 2007 as a candidate at Narok mixed High School aged 17.

“She was a classmate and a close friend who had my back in everything I did. Unfortunately, one night during preps time we got carried away and found ourselves behind the classrooms. The fact that it was so fast made me feel foolish and confused for a moment,” says Majirani.

Kalekye Mumo:

The shocker of them all! The former radio presenter lost her virginity at 28. According to Kalekye it takes self-control and discipline to achieve this.
“It is important for our youth not to be in rush to into premature sex owing to the consequences – some of which are irreversible,” she says.

Timmy Tdat:

The ‘kasabun’ singer says he was 12 and in Class 6 when it happened, adding that it is something that he is not proud of.
“She was a neighbour who belonged to Legio Maria sect while I was an ardent Catholic. One time she decided to dance for me and started touching me suggestively. Before I knew it the unexpected had happened,” he says.

Others celebrities include radio presenter and MC Jalas, who says he did it with a house help at the age of 14. Kagwe Mungai was 19, Anto neo Soul 17, Yvonne Darq 16. Comedian Owago Onyiro 15, Rapdamu 20, Linda Nyangweso 21, Venessa Mdee 23, Amani 21, Otile Brown 19, Ala C and Gabu 18, Cannibal at 23, while Ulopa and Chiwawa were both aged 15 when they first did it.