omutitiCounty Assembly Member for Basi Bogetaori Ward in Bobasi, has been accused of slapping a nurse on duty at Oresi Health Centre.

Mr.Boniface Wright Okenye allegedly abused and slapped nursing officer Beatrice Omutiti three times, claiming he was not served to the standards of his position as MCA.

“MCA Okenye abused me and slapped me for not treating him the way he would have loved, like an MCA,” claimed Omutiti.

Omutiti says the ward representative came to the hospital, knocked at the door thrice, but since she was attending to another patient in the maternity, she delayed to open the door to let him in.

On opening the door, a furious Mr.Okenye descended on her with slaps.

“He had a patient who was in labour. He called me names; a prostitute, dog, lazy worker and referred to me by my tribe, the Luo. He threatened to call the Minister for Health which he did. He then gave me the phone. I explained everything to the minister. After the call, he again slapped me sending me to the floor,” the nurse narrated.

Nurses Association chairperson, Fredrick Oigo, threatened to mobilise other nurses to strike over the incident if justice was not served.

Kisii Central OCPD Francis Nguli said Mr.Okenye would face the full force of the law.

Coincidentally, Okenye is facing assault charges after he threatened to shoot his wife over a domestic quarrel over accusations of infidelity. He was arraigned in court and is currently out on a Sh100,000 bond.