mohaWhen you appear on Al Jazeera’s ‘Upfront’ hosted by Mehdi Hasan, you should be ready for some really tough questions.

Foreign Affairs cabinet secretary Amb. Amina Mohamed was on the show last week. She was put to task on various issues top among them the Al Shabaab. She explained Kenya’s position on the refugee crisis and why the decision was made to repatriate them.

Mehdi tried to nail her on the number of soldiers who died in El Adde, but a straight answer was not forthcoming.

Amb. Amina defended Kenya’s move to enter Somalia, saying it was the only way to safeguard our national security and economic interests.

When put to task on a recent report about extrajudicial killings, Ms Amina said the civil society is making it up, and they have not shared their findings with the government,

“They’re making it up. That’s all false. Interview them. Honestly they haven’t talked to me. I haven’t seen the report. They haven’t spoken to anybody,” she said.

Here’s the full interview.