jag2The ‘Kigeugeu’ hitmaker has always been known for his philanthropy- making him a shujaa in his own right, and on Mashujaa Day yesterday, he was not taking a break from his good deeds of giving back to the community.

As Kenyans from all parts of the country and beyond took the day off to commemorate their respective shujaas(heroes and heroines), Jaguar was being a shujaa to some of the best shujaas there ever will be; single mums.

The singer and NACADA director toured various Nairobi slums where he met up with single mothers, donated foodstuffs, cash, and held talks on how to improve their lives.

Taking to social media, a humble Jaguar just wrote, “Day well spent with Single mother’s from Nairobi slums….”

The photos below elaborate further on how well he spent his day: