tuskys-beba-bebaSupermarket chain Tuskys has found itself in a social media storm over the safety of customer luggage.

One Facebook user has narrated her experience at Tuskys Beba Beba.

The lady left her luggage at the designated place as usual, and was given a number 58 tag. However upon returning to pick up her bag, someone had already ‘redeemed’.

This was the Facebook post.

“Tuskys supermarket have very fake luggage tag and thieves are stealing from customers just by walking in with fake tag. I went shopping at Tusky beba beba this evening (and) I was issued with luggage tag 58 then someone went took my luggage with (a) fake tag. When I went to pick my luggage it was gone. Thank God cctv showed what happen(ed) in the branch (and the) manager has promised to pay cash for the lost items by Monday.”

The tags in question are quite easy to fake, as they are basically carton printouts with numbers written on top.



But at least the manager acknowledged they are at fault and offered to pay for the lost items.