Kenya continues to mourn the passing of Afro-Fusion artiste Achieng Abura, which occurred Thursday evening at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) after a short illness. She had been admitted at the private wing on October 13.

Achieng’ Abura’s close friend and former Tusker Project Fame judge Hellen Mtawali, has revealed the last conversation she had with the singer before she succumbed.

“She (Ms Abura) told me she was not well and she was crying. She told me she needed KSh50, 000 to be admitted in hospital. Then I gave her what I could for that moment; then told her I’d get back to her. On my birthday I was going to celebrate with Buruburu Girls High School students; so financially, I had committed to Buruburu; but usually I would get back to her. She would not call me that much because she said I have too many mouths to feed,” Principal Mtawali told eDaily.

“But whenever I saw her ringing my phone I knew: ‘Wooo get money Prince (Ms Abura’s son) is in bad shape’. This time she told me she was the one sick…and I knew as soon as I was done with Buruburu Girls, we would talk. Then I didn’t hear from her. I assumed she must have gotten better. Only to hear now on social media that she passed away. I called immediately I saw the first note and too late her house help said it was true,” added Mtawali.

Hellen Mtwali describes Achieng Abura as a “humble African Queen.’

“She sang a song called the Spirit of a Warrior. She is a warrior. Achieng believed in herself. We have lost a true songstress, a mentor, a comic, smart intelligent, well read, humble, African queen,” Mtawali said.

“I learnt so much from her. She is the one who introduced me to the music scene. We were deep friends and she stood by me when I lost my brother. I have lost my angel. Before I was Principal she was. She was never jealous of me but would warn me when she saw danger. She guided me on every step I took. She prepared me to take over from her and every show I did, she gave me feedback. I will miss her advice. She advised me even in the world of academia then I’d advice her on how to live life fully,” concluded Ms Mtwali.