ababuBudalangi legislator Ababu Namwamba in a candid interview with The Nairobian has spoken about his new political movement The Labour Party of Kenya (LPK).

Having abandoned ODM and quit his position as party Secretary General two months ago, Ababu’s relationship with ODM leader Raila Odinga is thought to have turned sour.

According to Babu, LPK is a political upgrade and his relationship with Baba is ‘fantastic.’

“Moving to LPK is a political upgrade. I consider myself to be in a better place. Nothing has diminished. In fact, my star is shining brighter. Politics is a game of possibilities and probabilities. I now belong to a party that respects democracy,” said Ababu.

Below are some excerpts from the interview:

Do you still respect Raila Odinga whom you considered your political mentor?

I have no personal issues with Raila. I will always enjoy a fantastic relationship with him. I repeat, Raila is a mentor and a political father. My departure from my post as ODM secretary general has nothing to do with personal issues with Raila, but irreconcilable differences in the manner in which the party is managed. The bangled Kasarani election was a shame.

What kind of party would sabotage its own elections? Look at how nominations in the party are always a mess. You never know, I could actually support Raila for presidency if he convinces me to do so, but not as a member of ODM. Going back there is not possible. And who says we cannot work together? We can now engage as party leaders.

What happened to the much-talked about ‘Third Force?’

People completely misunderstood me. There was never entity going to be registered by the name of Third Force. It was just a phrase that was meant to offer the electorate a third option besides Cord and Jubilee. 

It was not even about rank or sequence. It simply meant that we shall offer Kenyans an opportunity that will be an alternative to the two main coalitions of Jubilee and Cord. The Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) is a party we want to position as the substitute.

Is Luhya nation capable of producing a president?

Why not. Ours is blessed community in terms of trust. Luhyas are honest and faithful people. I have absolutely no doubt that this community can present and form a formidable presidential candidate around whom not only Luhyas can rally, but all Kenyans.

Remember, it is not about having a Luhya President; it’s about having a Kenyan president. This will be a Kenyan president of Luhya extraction and for that to happen, we need the support and goodwill of all Kenyans.

Is LPK a convenient political vehicle to use in 2017? What is your game plan?

My game plan is to transform LPK into a formidable political vehicle and make it competitive in every single electoral contest that we will be participating in. We are starting off with the Nyacheki Ward by-election in Kisii County. We have already launched campaigns for our candidate, Ezekiel Osoro, officially.

The next step is a members’ recruitment drive which will kick off shortly. We are also identifying aspirants for various elective posts and the response is good. We are positioning ourselves as a liberal political vehicle. I am going to lead the party from the front.

ODM plans to field a candidate in Budalang’i. Does that scare you?

Let them bring anybody. If there is anybody I am going to enjoy beating it would be an ODM candidate. The party of choice in Budalang’i is LPK. I enjoy overwhelming support and trust of my people. The dogs can bark, but they don’t change anything as my voters are with me.

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