ruth1Early this month, one Ruth Kamande took social media by storm after she was crowned Miss Lang’ata Prison 2016.

Her undeniable beauty stunned social media users, as KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua condemned her glorification on account of being a murder inmate.

Now, gospel singer Willy Paul has revealed a surprising relationship with Ruth Kamande. According to the singer, Ruth is a very old friend.

The singer visited the prison on Wednesday, where he met Ruth and posed for a photo.

Taking to social media, Willy Paul wrote: “Life is full of surprise!! The girl in white is my very old friend…. I felt so sad yesterday when I saw her at the Langata women’s prison. She’s facing murder.”

Willy Paul further urged his fans to pray for the inmate because he hopes for a miracle.

“I believe in God and I believe in forgiveness. Please keep her in ur prayers.. I’m hoping for a miracle..I’m so certain God is going to do something soon.. Please don’t judge we are all human beings, man is to error!!!!” added Willy Paul.