wario homeFollowing the mess in Rio, Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario passed the buck and absolved himself from any blame.

However, Kenyans were not pleased and wanted him to be the one leading the list of officials going home.

Someone has now created a website outlining reasons why Wario must go home.

Using the very appropriate wariomustgo.com, the anonymous creator(s) gives a list of reasons to send the CS home.

They starts by writing,

“Kenya’s participation at the 2016 Olympics has been wracked by numerous embarrassing scandals that have exposed extensive rot in the country’s sports administration, most notably in the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts headed by Dr. Hassan Wario, EGH. Dr. Wario has so far refused to take responsibility for any of the issues raised. #WarioMustGo is a movement that insists that we do better for our sports heroes, and for the future of sports, culture and the arts in Kenya. The nonsense arising from the Olympics included:”

They go ahead and give detailed explanations of the mess in Rio, and I must admit, they did a pretty good job at it.

The reasons are divided topically. This is what they say about ‘The Joyriders’.

Kenya was officially represented by 52 athletes, 14 rugby players, 3 boxers, 2 swimmers, 1 archer, 1 weightlifter and 1 judoka. Therer were 30 technical team members (doctors, physiotherapists, counsellors, coaches etc). Others expected in the entourage included 14 Steering Committee members, 14 from NOCK, 7 administrative staff and two officials from Treasury making the total figure 178. There were also government accredited media on the list. But the final list was bloated with relatives and friends (Kipchoge Keino’s son attended in an as yet undefined role), girlfriends and bodyguards of team officials etc. topping 250.

The domain name was anonymously registered on Wednesday August 31.