benson1Benson Njau Muigai, the man from Kiambu County who attempted to take his own life at Indian Ocean in May, has been arrested after another failed attempt.

Just like his first attempt, Mr Muigai, jumped from a moving ferry into the ocean. He reportedly waited until the ferry was midway between South Coast and Mombasa Island then dived into the deep waters.

Fortunately of unfortunately, he was rescued by private divers who were on site.

Confirming the incident, Likoni police chief Willy Simba said that it was the second time the man jumped into the ocean in an attempt to take his own life.

“Njau tried to kill himself by jumping into the sea three months ago on 31/5/2016 but was rescued. Upon his arrest, he was taken to court,” Simba was quoted by Baraka FM. 

After his first attempt, Mr Njau shocked a Mombasa Court after claiming that God ordered him to take his life by jumping into the Indian Ocean.

“I am a servant of God and I was sent to Mombasa all the way from Kiambu County to take my life at Likoni ferry crossing,” Muigai said.

“God told me to come all the way here and take my life in the ocean. I am new in Mombasa and I only came here for this reason,” he added.

Police are holding him to establish the motive behind his suicidal attempts.