In the rise of innovation and information sharing, a local fashion company – Alizeti has come up with a bright idea for the ladies.
Yes, ladies can now share hairstyles on the Alizeti website www.alizeti.co.ke and have other people like them.
This creates a pool of magnificent hair styles that ladies can always check out before they check into a salon.

The good thing is, the hairstyle you share doesn’t have to be your own. Just go and Google and check out some nice styles, download and share on Alizeti.

To make it even better, Alizeti is rewarding the account holders of the most rated photo by 30th September 2016 one year hair care in a top salon in the CBD. This is obviously irresistible to ladies out there with thirst for good looks.
Alizeti also has other goodies for its account holders including a fully paid for photoshoot in Malindi for an upcoming competition on their website.

Alizeti also has monthly dress days under the tag #dress where ladies share elegant dress codes and the best rated dress code earns the owner a new Alizeti branded dress with a design of choice.