trey5Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. When American R& B singer jetted into the country, there was bound to be some bizarre incidents by ‘thirsty’ Kenyan women.

While most have just been revealing their ‘thirst’ for the singer on social media, one brave lady went a step further and thanked Trey Songz for her unborn babies in person, a local daily reports.

During a conference meeting in Nairobi, the said lady shocked the press conference when she reportedly said,  “To Trey, I am a big fan and wish to thank you for my unborn babies… ”

Before those in attendance could process what they had just heard, the lady went on to ask how his time in Kenya was and what made him excited to be part of the Coke Studio project.

Trey is said to have brushed off the embarrassing statement and said that he was glad to be in Kenya and happy to meet the African stars he is set to work with on Coke Studio Africa season 4, as well as his fans.

Ladies, please behave and carry a bottle of water with you at all times!!