njeruDespite all of Mike Sonko’s attempts to warn people against his impersonators who prey on innocent Kenyans, another man has fallen victim to the cons.

Mr Enos Njeru, a school bursar of Kangaru Girls High School, was conned of sh5,600 by a man claiming to be senator Mike Sonko.

Mr Njeru sent the money as processing fee for a logbook of a motorcycle we was to get from the philanthropic senator.

After sending the money on Monday afternoon, the impersonator asked Mr Njeru to send an extra Sh7,850 to process the insurance fee for the motorbike.

Suspecting that he was being swindled, Mr Njeru who had borrowed the money from a friend so as not to lose the chance, sought to withdraw from the deal.

When he called the mobile service provider, Mr Njeru learnt that the man, whose account went by the name Michael Kioko, had already withdrawn the money.

On the True Caller application, the name ‘Mike Sonko’ appeared.

According to the bursar, he met the scammer via Facebook and the two had been friends for some time.

“I immediately received a message informing me that I was the lucky winner of a brand new motorcycle. We have been friends for long and all this time I’ve been thinking it is the Senator. I posted on his inbox, giving him my phone number and name and asked him to call me,” he told reporters outside Embu police station.

He appealed to Safaricom to help him recover his money.

“They said they cannot divulge people’s (transaction) information but I believe many people must have complained about the phone number.”

Police are investigating the claims.

Additional Reporting by Nairobi News