A social media user has taken to social media platform Facebook to narrate how a man was tragically killed by a drunk driver.

According to one Lukes Morgan who witnessed the accident, a minor incident involving a silver Nissan Xtrail and an Uber Taxi a few metres to the Kahawa West roundabout, turned tragic when a drunk driver hit the owner of the Nissan Xtrail.

The owner of the Xtrail is said to have been standing behind his car trying to direct oncoming traffic with a torch as they waited for traffic police to arrive at the scene.

This was Lukes Morgan narration on the Alcoblow Updates Facebook page on Tuesday:

“The saddest part about life is that we will all die someday. How, when and what time however remains unknown.

A few hours ago, I was dropping off a friend at his house along the Northern bypass. Just a few metres to the Kahawa west round about, we came across a minor incident, a silver Nissan Xtrail, Reg No. KBR 359Q had hit an Uber Taxi from behind. The owner of the Xtrail was standing behind his car, with a torch trying to direct oncoming traffic as they waited for the traffic police to arrive at the scene.

Just about then, a silver Toyota Premio whose driver was reportedly drunk came speeding hitting the owner of the Xtrail from behind before speeding off. Some motorcyclists who were at the scene who noticed the incident however chased after him, and caught up with him after he rammed into a building a few metres away. The owner of the Xtrail, who was badly injured however succumbed to his injuries a few moments after being hit, as we tried our best to get him into his car which was still running, in an attempt to rush him to hospital.

The poor man never made it home tonight. He lay there, in a pool of blood. A closer look revealed a wedding ring on his finger. He probably had a wife and children, who were waiting for him, who didn’t know that he was no more at that particular moment. Everything happened so fast-for a visibly shaken me to comprehend.

What perhaps started as a simple drive home, evidently turned tragic in a moment.

As I drove home myself, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor fellow-coincidentally, just tonight, I had read Timothy Wangusa’s “A taxi driver on his death” from his poetry collection, “A pattern of dust: selected poems”, and I quote him….”Poor chap, another victim to the ruthless machine”.

May his soul Rest in Peace.

#avoid drunk driving. #arrive alive.

After this incident, no more drunk driving.”

It later became apparent that the man killed in the accident was Maina Ndirangu, who was director of NTV comedy-drama television series ‘Auntie Boss.’

The show’s actress and  producer, Eve D’Souza, mourned him in a Facebook post as a ‘friend, a colleague and a wonderful soul.’

She posted:

“Is drinking and driving more important than taking another person’s life????? I’m deeply sad to have lost a friend, a colleague, a wonderful soul, Maina Ndirangu we spent many months on the road as he filmed “Travel Diaries” and just recently we were fortunate to spend more time with him on set as he directed the current season of AuntieBoss.
You will be so very missed and forever remembered fondly … till we meet again. Rest now xx.”

Maina Ndirangu leaves behind a widow and two kids.

Some photos of Maina: