Saba Saba Asili Party Secretary General Joseph Kangocho

Saba Saba Asili party has opted out of Jubilee merger, with the party’s Secretary General Joseph Kangocho saying they risk being overlooked due to their ‘minority’ status.

Speaking during a press briefing held in Murang’a town, party Secretary General Joseph Kangocho said the Saba Saba Asili party chose to pull out of the merger a day before the Kasarani gathering after further consultation with party officials and the clergy.

“We chose to pull out of the merger a day before the gathering at Kasarani after party officials and the clergy consulted each other. Small parties are sidelined along big parties like TNA and URP which hinders sharing of the positions amongst the parties, something that has not been looked into even after raising concern,” said Kangocho.

Mr Kangocho said that merging into one party would be down playing the spirit of the party patron Kenneth Matiba who fought for multi-party democracy.

He further added that they respect the stand of other parties joining the merger and should therefore carry on with their blessing without involving Saba Saba Asili Party.

Despite the pull out, the party Secretary General said that they are fully behind President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto in their bid for the presidency in 2017.