bahatiGospel singer Bahati came under sharp criticism after the Jubilee party launch on Saturday, after he ‘evicted’ President Uhuru Kenyatta from his official chair, sat on it and sang to first lady Margaret Kenyatta. He then did the same with Deputy President William Ruto.

The keyboard battalion who believe that piece of furniture means power have waged an online war against Bahati. Some have even joked that Bahati sat on the presidential chair before Raila.

The people who claim that Bahati ‘grabbed power’ forget that Uhuru is president whether he is seating on a plastic chair or sleeping.

Uhuru has been trying to demystify the presidency, and I think having other people sit on the ‘seat of power’ goes a long way.


In many countries, there’s no piece of furniture that is designated as the Presidential chair. Some of these traditions Kenya has were used to scare people into submission, by presenting the President as a ‘god’.

The argument can be made that it was inappropriate for Bahati to ‘take away’ the President’s wife, but on the issue of disrespecting the presidency as an institution, not so much… my opinion.

What’s yours?