namelessThis weekend, one of Kenya’s most popular celebrity couple- Nameless and Wahu, will be celebrating 11 years of marriage.

Ahead of their wedding anniversary on September 10, the lovebirds have shared their journey to the altar.

The two met in 1998 at a campus event at Grand Regency and were introduced by a mutual friend called Neto.

For their first date, Nameless says they met on a Boxing Day.

“Our first official date was on a Boxing Day. We had lunch at the Wimpy restaurant in Corner House. Wahu came an hour late!”

“Our courtship was lots of fun. We were young and carefree. We didn’t do very complicated things; we really just enjoyed each other’s company, no matter the setting. We’d go out on the rave, do picnics, go camping, watch movies, you know, your usual boyfriend/ girlfriend things,” Wahu says.

Within the first two years of courting, Nameless knew they were meant for each other but they dated for seven years before he popped the question.

“We got married on September 10, 2005 so we will be celebrating eleven years of marriage this year,” he says.

According to Wahu, marriage was hard at first and it took them a few years before they found their rhythm.

“But marriage at first was hard. It was only after a couple of years that we began to find our rhythm as a married couple.”

While the two are proud of their achievements in their music and professional careers, what they are most proud of is being parents.

“We have two girls, Tumiso, who is 10 and Nyakio who is three. They are both uniquely special. Tumi for example is so empathetic towards other people’s needs and feelings, and is such a strong wildlife enthusiast. Nyakio is very organised and loves cleanliness. She is also and quite the charmer. They are both such a joy,” Wahu says.

They advise young couples to manage their expectations, learn to listen to each other, give space for individuality in their unions, respect and understand each other’s points of view. They also advocate for marriage counseling because it helps put things in perspective especially in the early years.

Source: Standard