As the preparations to host one of the biggest Award ceremonies in Mombasa on Saturday hits fever pitch, one of the nominees continues to dazzle the audiences and fans with her eclectic style, wildness, exotic looks, buoyance and bad ass-ness.

She’s none other than Dya Candy, real name Laura Mose, a 25-year old Mombasa native who has been sizzling masses with her goodies and dangerously good looks.


An accomplished model and make-up artist, stylist and entrepreneur, Dya Candy has been turning heads across the Coastal region for over a decade for her gorgeousness and excellence and midas touch.

Almost all of the biggest and bestest Coastal models, from the ones with a slinky body to the ones with the juiciest bums, have all passed under the tutelage and mentorship of the iconic Dya Candy.


With a swag and prominence that makes her the undisputed Naomi Campbell of Mombasa, Dya Candy has nurtured and trained many modeling stars including Ruthalia Michaels, Sandra Shantel, Anita Santuri, Talal, Kate Ariana and many more.

Not just content with modeling and running a fashion Empire, Miss Candy has now branched out to the make-up and beauty world, starting yet another revolution.


Dya Candy – Photos courtersy

As the owner of Fuschia Creativity, Dya Candy sits pretty as a mogul, boss lady and enviable trendsetter.

And because of her tireless efforts in bringing beauty and glamor to Mombasa, the gorgeous girl has now been nominated as the Face Of Mombasa at the Vybe City Awards which shall go down Saturday night at the Azura Lounge.

Hundreds of fans are expected to make their way to the posh Azure Lounge to witness the Awards go down in a glitzy and showstopping way.

As the Jubilee Party shall be bringing down Kasarani, and as the ODM party shall be lighting up Tononoka Grounds, another batch of achievers will be getting rewarded in a night full of pomp and grandeur.

A beautiful night at the Azura Lounge.

Be there and may the best nominee win.