doIf you thought you had seen all there is too see from flamboyant Kenyan lawyer Donald Kipkorir, you haven’t seen anything yet. Apparently, we are in for a ride if the lawyer’s ambitions are anything to go by.

Mr. Kipkorir has finally revealed who he looks up to, and it is none other than American Billionaire Lawrence Joseph “Larry” Ellison.

Larry Ellison is the co-founder of technology giant Oracle Corporation, and his networth as at August 2016 is estimated by Forbes at 51.8 billion USD.

According to Mr Kipkorir, he is on course to be like Larry Ellison.

“Working Hard To Be Like Larry Ellison: We all have our dreams, aspirations & goals; some are crazy, others are realizable. My dream is to work hard till I enjoy life like Larry Ellison. And am working everyday to fulfil it and am on course,” wrote Donald.

If Donald is really on course, we might in the near future see photos of his yacht, speedboats, jet, a private island, among others.


Some photos of Larry’s possessions





Well, you can’t fault a man with ambition!