By now you know that Vybe City Awards will be going down in Eldoret this Saturday. Everyone has been talking about it and as far as we can tell, everyone will be there.

However that’s not the purpose of this story.

After the Eldoret nominee list was released, one young girl, Linda Chemutai, was incensed that she didn’t make the cut. She couldn’t understand how she missed, yet she is ‘one of Eldoret’s sexiest women’ (her words).

She wrote an angry email to the awards’ organizers, trash talking and castigating them for leaving out her name.

Of course it doesn’t work like that and the organizers told her to hold her horses until she’s a worthy contender.

Joe Kariuki, the President of Candy Empire and the Founder of Vybe City Awards said, “We received an email from some girl calling herself Linda Chemutai who claimed that she should have been nominated or at least considered for the Face Of Eldoret category since she’s a popular model and video vixen from Eldoret who rightfully deserved a nomination. We asked around and no one seemed to know her ,no one. She insisted she was popular… We just ignored her and she wants on to insult us and even threaten to spoil the whole gala… “

Linda, or El Chemu as she calls herself, however refused to back down. She used her Facebook page to whip up a storm over what she sees as an unfair nomination process.

“We don’t understand what she means by unfair. Everyone who is someone in Eldoret has been nominated. Everyone. All the biggest Eldoret stars have been nominated. All the upcoming stars have been nominated. We found her irritating and simply in a desperate search of attention… “  DJ Diggo, one of the pillars of the Vybe City Awards, told a local blog.

When it became apparent to Linda that the organizers were not about to reconsider, she made the threat to strip naked.

This was her post on Facebook.

I’m Linda Chemutai..Or El Chemu as guys called me. I’m One of Eldees most popular girls coz am a model and also an entertainer since I’ve been in videos that even some of the Male Artists from Eldee who have been nominated. I know that on Saturday,Eldoret will host the Vybe Awards in my hometown at the 64 CLUB even after snubbing me and ignoring my calls for fairness since I believe I deserved a nomination like all other girls. Girls like Trixie will pretend they don’t know me and tulikuwa na yeye akianza modelling. Hata people like Hilda I know them but they now can’t remember me. Cool. I think it’s unfair to knock out one of the city’s most known molded just coz u say u don’t know me. in fact i look 1000 times much better than most of the bi**hes who have been nominated. real tawk. My fans know me and gave been asking why sijakuwa nominated. Well,I’m done fighting with them. Let’s meet on Saturday and I’ll be the Kenyan Kanye West. I’ll storm that stage and stop the show. Hata kama I’ll have to strip naked nitastrip. Maybe then they will know kama wananijua ama hawanijui. And I’ll come with my whole squad and fans from my hood Huruma massive. It’s gonna be me against them. Period!


We can’t pretend to know whether she will go ahead with her threat, but I’ll sure as hell be there to witness.

One nominee for the Best DJ in the town claims he actually knows Linda and calls her a ‘perennial troublemaker, drunkard and publicity whore.’

“Namjua… Ma DJ wanamjua huku. Huyu dame hata sio model. Hata sio celeb. Hata sio popular… Ni Dame wa kurukaruka na ma DJ wa Eldee kwa events kama zote… Hakuna kitu she’s famous for. Namjua poa. She’s a publicity seeker. Hata iyo story yake ya kustrip kesho pia ni stunt tu…Ni chocha tu..hupenda tu ma controversies… “ the DJ said.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if she actually makes good her threat. The awards are going down at 64 Club. 

Here are some pics of Linda.