ruth1This man Ezekiel Mutua!

Once again, the KFCB Boss has elicited an online reaction from the Kenyan fan base after making disparaging remarks about the newly crowned Miss Lang’ata Prison.

The Prison beauty queen, Ruth Kamande, was an online sensation after she trounced 19 other jailbirds.

She is facing murder charges for allegedly stabbing boyfriend Farid Ahmed 22 times in Buruburu Estate in a suspected love triangle.

Outspoken Films Board CEO is among the few who are not amused by the fact Ms Kamande, a murder inmate, has turned into an instant celebrity.

“I know people can reform and indeed the prisons are meant to reform criminals to become better citizens, but for someone who killed another person so brutally a year ago, by stabbing them 22 times with a knife, I think there is absolutely nothing beautiful about them. Not so soon,” Mr Mutua wrote on Facebook.

He sympathised with the family of Farid Ahmed, saying, “The dead was a human being, someone’s son. A year down the line the killer is being celebrated under the banner “Beauty behind bars.” I find this a bit disturbing.”

Do you agree with Mutua?