eze-1Days after Kenya’s ‘morality policeman’ Ezekiel Mutua took to Facebook to flaunt his ‘free of charge’ passport, The Immigration department now wants it returned because the KFCB chief executive does not qualify to hold a diplomatic passport.

Director general Gordon Kihalangwa said on Thursday the document will be exchanged for an ordinary one, according to the Third schedule of persons entitled to Diplomatic passports, as per the Kenya Subsidiary Legislation of 2012.

“Ezekiel Mutua is a holder of a diplomatic passport he got back in February 2013 when he was in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he said on Twitter during the department’s weekly live chat.

He noted policy states that the document was supposed to be surrendered upon leaving the office.

“The current policy states that on completion of duty which qualified one to be issued with a diplomatic passport, he/she is expected to surrender it back to Immigration Department so that he reverts to the ordinary type. Since Mr. Mutua does not fall in the Third schedule of persons entitled to as per the Kenya Subsidiary Legislation, 2012 he has been asked to surrender it for an ordinary one.”

The orders, however, come a little late as Ezekiel Mutua has already used his passport to travel. On Thursday, he travelled to San Fransico, California for a global conference, and made sure his Facebook followers knew.