creme1Popular Kenyan disc jockey, Creme de la Creme has once again been forced to respond to malicious rumors that his marriage is on the rocks.

The DJ first faced his toughest period last year when his sxtape leaked on the interwebs. He powered through it all and revealed that he and his wife, Denise had worked things out.

It has now been alleged that they are headed for a split following a snapchat generated from the celebrity couple on Friday. A source alleged that the couple’s son had not been to school in days, due to the rumoured cracks in the family.

“Why would someone want to make up rumours about my wife and I on matters so private. How do you go ahead and think we have quarrels in our closet and come up with a theory that we are headed for separation. You must be real evil,” DJ Crème told Monday Blues.

“Thank you for calling to confirm all that and I can tell you that there is no truth in it. My wife and I are happy. I think a snapchat misled people and if that is the case, this is the correction. All is cool,” affirmed the DJ.