brangelinaAngelina Jolie will no longer be directing the $110 million wildlife movie, Africa following the collapse of her two-year marriage with Brad Pitt.

According to the American site, Heat Street, the biopic about paleoanthropologist Dr. Richard Leakey who battled ivory poachers in Kenya during the 1980s, has long been a passion project for Jolie. Pitt himself would have played Dr. Leakey, but with the passion spent in their relationship, Jolie has scrapped the movie.

A source close to the veteran producer Jon Peters, who was to have co-produced Africa, told Heat Street: “This movie has been a nightmare to get off the ground from the beginning. Until the last few weeks Angelina was resolute in her intent to get it made but now she doesn’t want to direct it at all.

“Brad Pitt was still interested in acting in the movie — for him, it was Seven Years in Tibet [his 1997 wartime biopic] set in Africa and he wasn’t ready to give up on it. But Angelina now doesn’t want to have any kind of relationship with him, personal or professional.”

This comes months after it was confirmed by Dr. Leakey that the movie would be shot in Kenya.

The movie was on the verge of collapse owing to the expensive costs of filming in South Africa. But it resurfaced last year when the Kenyan government offered financial incentives.

The decision to film the movie in Kenya was set to greatly boost the nation’s appeal to international film-makers, having lost several movies locations to South Africa.