akothSinger Akothee is slowly but surely returning to her inspiring self after a tough period that saw her undergo surgery and lose her twins.

Her social media presence has been dearly missed but she is making amends in style as she continues to share inspirational posts for her followers. One of her most recent posts has seen the ‘Yuko Moyoni’ singer post some words of advice to the girls.

According to Akothee, a woman only needs a few basic needs in her life.

“Most basic things a woman needs in her life is food,shelter clothing,” she wrote.

“Once you have this four under your control then forget about the monster called “Insecurity “, she adds.

She further advises girls to work towards being independent.

“Kneel down besides your bed & thank God for the breath of life , sex is meant for pleasure & procreation ,so get out of your bed & fetch your independence my girl. It’s the only way to fight the fear of the unknown.”

This was her full post: