hughLegendary South African jazz artiste Hugh Masekela never shakes hands, instead opting for hugs.

The 77 year old has now revealed why he stopped greeting people by hands years ago, saying it is very unhygienic.

“I started hating handshakes when I became a professional artiste,” he said as quoted by Word Is.

“While hanging around the backstage, I would see many people, especially fellow performers and event organisers, use the bathroom, come out, but not wash their hands.

“This really irked me. I think developed some phobia and started avoiding shaking people’s hands.”

The jazz legend was also encouraged by his wife to stop shaking hands.

“I also remember my wife discouraging me from handshakes.

Hugh says, “She also viewed it as unhygienic as well.”

The Jazz legend was in the country over the weekend for the Safaricom Jazz Lounge, one of a series of events that lead up to the annual Safaricom International Jazz Festival.