kalekyeFormer radio queen Kalekye Mumo has finally spoken on her unprecedented exit from Kiss FM. Two months after leaving the Royal Media Services station, Kalekye says her exit had nothing to do with a fall out with one of her bosses.

“It has just been a month and a half and I keep feeling like I’m on leave. It hasn’t really hit me that I am no longer at Kiss. This is where I have been for 10 years. It had become part of me,” said Kalekye as quoted by Pulse.

Kalekye denied having a fallout with former Kiss FM presenter Caroline Mutoko, as reported by some media outlets.

“What? That is a very outrageous story. For starters, I cannot even remember the last time we spoke because she has nothing to do with Kiss 100. Yes, she is involved in marketing but not for Kiss 100 only. Neither does she own anything at Kiss 100. We barely saw each other for months because we worked on different floors. Our reporting lines were very different,” she said.

On why she left, she said, “It was time to renew contracts and I did not like the offer they made so I decided to focus on other things that have been demanding my attention. I am okay, there are good days and bad days. When you are taking a risk, it is going to be scary like everything else in life.”

Kalekye still hopes to return to radio and to go into tv, besides getting married and settling down.

“I am not dating, I would love to have a child but after marriage. God knows when the time is right my ideal will come to pass. So until then, I will be just fine.”

“I would go back to radio, but my ideal situation would be to have a powerful show that can run weekly and across different stations. My view of things has changed,” she concludes.

Additional Reporting by Pulse