huddahIt is not yet throwback Thursday but the video you are about to watch just cannot wait.

At the moment, Huddah Monroe is easily one of the finest and most popular girls in the country and East Africa. Not only does she have a mass following on social media, but she is also one of the most sought after personalities in the country.

Back in the day, Huddah was the true definition of struggle. As we all know, she started off as a dancer and recently blasted Wahu and Nameless for looking down on her when she was just starting out.

Well, one person who never looked down on her was comedian profesa Eshuiya who featured her in his music video dubbed ‘Ukweli.’

The music video surfaced on the interwebs last week and has been shared countless times.

Here’s why:
Back in the days with profesa eshuiya… – Ngoni Thuita Olematope | Facebook