mombasaThis is going to be a Friday like no other in Mombasa, as a fabulously wealthy ‘sponsor’ invades the coastal city.

As Nairobi overcrowds with sponsors looking to spoil women, from businessmen to corporate executives, some are now exporting their money and ‘expertise’ to other counties, and what better place than Mombasa.

This is not welcome news to the young men in campus or recently out and trying to finding a footing in life. Their women are being swept away by the sponsor wave, and it’s quite difficult competing with someone driving a huge fuel guzzler and who literally rains money.

To many, the idea of a sponsor is a potbellied man in his 40s or 50s, but there’s this Nairobi ‘sponsor’ who goes against the grain.

It has been reported that this mystery man with properties stretching from Nanyuki and Malaba will arrive at the airport in Mombasa at around 8pm on Friday, before being whisked to a 5-star hotel in a convoy of eight top-of-the-range cars, among them a V8, a Range Rover, a Limousine and a Porsche Cayena.

Girls will fill up all the cars. Even the drivers and photographers will women.

The millionaire will make a stop-over at a top private beach in Nyali, before retiring for the evening and re-emerging later in the night at Azura Lounge to do what took him to Mombasa.

A massive event is going down at Azura Lounge, and frankly, everyone I know is attending. It will be broadcast live on social media and also on a mobile app that shall be provided for download.

There are rumours that he shall chatter a plane to hover over the waters of Mombasa for more than 30 minutes just because he can. Other surprises are planned for the night and it would be a shame if you missed out.