We’ve seen some pretty weird selfie craze on the internet. There was a time people were lying on the ground and calling it ‘groundie’. We’ve seen others in toilets, car boots, people wrapping themselves with sellotape etc.

Most of these start as a crazy idea of one person, and upon posting it on social media, it spreads like wildfire.

More often than not, they does not achieve anything but happiness of the heart.

Now, here’s one that will actually do something for you.

The Shout Out Loud Challenge has started catching fire, and it gives you a chance to win big.

Basically, people are taking selfies of themselves with their mouths wide open and posting them using the hashtag #ShoutoutLoudFacebookChallenge.



Speaking on the challenge, businessman Joe Kariuki of Candy and Candy Records said, “It’s actually a push for something big we are calling Shout Out Loud… A new powerful thing that will be launched on August 13th, 2016…that is, next weekend… So, by people having their mouths wide open, it signifies someone who is shouting. And that’s why we’ve called it the Shout Out Loud Challenge…. Just take your smartphone, flip to the front camera, pretend you’re shouting and then take the selfie. It’s easy, the owner of the selfie with the MOST LIKES gets a cool Ksh. 5000 cash! Just like that! “

Well, there you go folks. Someone who is paying you to open your mouth… literally.



Pick up your phone and shout at the camera (It’s probably better if you pretend to be shouting so people don’t think you’re mad).

Post your photo using #ShoutoutLoudFacebookChallenge, tell your friends and their mothers to like your photo and if your numbers are right, 5k on the spot.

The challenge runs on a 24 hour cycle, meaning Monday’s likes will not count on Wednesday. It ends on August 13th.