solBrace yourselves for another steamy hit by afro-pop band Sauti Sol.

The popular Kenyan band have announced that a hit, much steamier than their controversial ‘Nishike’ jam, will be dropping soon.

Following the ban of ‘Nishike’ on Kenyan television, the hitmakers are not bothered by the prospect of another ban,

“We don’t write music for the Kenyan Film Classification Board; we write music for our fans and even those people on that board dance to our music in their bedrooms. Music is an expression and whatever I feel as an artiste is what I’m going to express,” said band member Bien Aime Baraza.

“If it’s going to be banned, then let it be banned. We don’t write music with barriers in our heads. We are taking this opportunity to announce that we are doing a very serious Nishike; coming soon.”

Another member, Delvin Mudigi, hit out at people who listen to foreign songs without knowing their meaning yet bash local songs that are considered raunchy.

“We are the ones who limit ourselves. Music is art, it’s like fashion. We don’t know what we listen to when we listen to “lingala” songs but if you knew what some of them mean… Just go and find out.”