donFlamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir splashed on the internet images of his new twenty something million shillings Range Rover, and immediately socialites all over the internet started begging for a ride in the new beast.

Donald is fond of displaying his wealth or wealthy friends on social media, and blogger Robert Alai has some advice for him.

This is what he wrote on Facebook.

Wakili Donald B. Kipkorir is a great friend of mine. So I am allowed to correct him as he is always allowed to correct me.

So I want to ask, is Donald Kipkorir a socialite or a lawyer? Why all the show off? Why all the display of the wealthy friends, expensive possessions and places he visits? Why all the display of opulence?

Does he think that there are people he needs to convince that he is wealthy? How is that related to his legal practice? In the great legal profession, moral ethics is really drilled into their character. Did he fail to grasp this?

What are the Kenyans who can’t afford a meal supposed to feel? Worthless? Is this a means of attracting lovers? Will they love him or what he owns?

Omera Donald, some woman must make you scream this year. Hautatuonyesha madharau na mali yako.