kipKenyans were a bit surprised to find out that Kipchoge Keino is the head of the sports ‘cartel’ they’ve been hearing about.

In typical Kenyan style, the Olympic legend yesterday said that he will not resign after the Rio fiasco. Dr. Keino is the National Olympics Committee of Kenya chairman.

He further warned that Kenya risks being banned from the Olympics should he be put in custody.

“I understand they are looking for me, they want to arrest me. I will issue a statement tomorrow (Tuesday). No, no, no (quit) for what reason?

“What we did was is the success of Kenya, coming home with six gold, six silver and one bronze, the best for the Kenyan team. We were number one in Africa, number 15 in the world so for what reason,” the Nock boss said.

“IOC are waiting for me to be put in and when they put me in, Kenya will be banned, we will not take part in the next Olympics,” the two time Olympic champion added.

Five of his colleagues have already been arrested and arraigned in court.

So what do you think? Is he tarnishing his legacy by staying put?