gunTwo police officers were caught up in a brawl in a Nairobi bar over one of their female colleagues.

Constable Patrick Thuranira and Constable Irungu were partying at a joint in Ngara area with the female colleague based at the Central police station.

The brawl erupted when Constable Irungu, based at Muthaiga Police station, accused Constable Patrick Thuranira of having an affair with their colleague, Constable Sara Gatonye.

Mr Irungu then drew his gun and shot at Thuranira but missed his target.

Thuranira was unarmed since he is under interdiction for murder allegations. He had been charged in court last year for the murder of two Egerton University students at the Globe Cinema roundabout on November 7, 2014.

Constable Irungu was arrested after the altercation as investigations continue.