eurozone2euroeurcoinSometimes, the universe has it’s unique way of putting a smile on someone’s face, especially when it comes to monetary matters.

Being the middle of the month, finances can be quite tight for some of us, and that’s probably why a social media user took to Facebook to rejoice earning an extra Sh 200 from a matatu conductor’s error.

As the story goes, this lady boarded a matatu which was charging Sh 30. She gave the conductor Sh 50, from which the conductor was supposed to give back Sh 20 change.

However, the conductor gave her a 2 Euro coin which resembles the Kenyan Sh 20 coin.

The lady ended up at a forex bureau where she converted the coin for a sweet Sh 200.


It is not everyday that a conductor pays someone handsomely to travel in his matatu!!