octo2If you have watched Octopizzo’s latest project, ‘Butere’, you may have noticed the rapper rocking a stylish kitenge-like outfit.

As it turns out, there is an interesting story behind the outfit as Octopizzo revealed on social media.

The rapper shared a photo collage showing his late dad wearing the same outfit when Octo was just 7 years old. According to Octo, he saved it for over 20 years so he could wear it in respect to his dad.

To wear it in his ‘Butere’ music video is without a doubt a special sign of respect to his old man!

He wrote, “My Dad Rocked it when I was 7yrs Old, I treasured it & saved it for over 20 years so that I could rock it in Respect to Him; This ain’t Nigeria dress code, this is my culture I saved it and am gonna pass it down to my Sons.”


Quite admirable!!