bodaOver 100 Boda boda riders and county government staff from Kisumu have departed for Rwanda on a sponsored trip to help them learn how to improve their business.

Two MCAs and three chief officers accompanied some 95 boda boda riders on the five-day trip on Tuesday.

According to the Governor Jack Ranguma, the trip is meant to expose them to the need to restore law and order as they operate their businesses, as well as give them the opportunity to learn how to commercialize their businesses.

“We are optimistic that they will learn a lot and share their knowledge with the rest,” he said.

Mr Ranguma added that the boda boda business is emerging as an economic pillar in the county and has employed hundreds of young people.

However, the move was not welcomed by all MCAs. Some commented saying it was a waste of money and that boda boda riders do not need to travel to Rwanda to learn how to operate their business.