gicharuKenyan Olympian Benson Gicharu may have lost to Mongolian Tsendbaatar Erdenebat on Wednesday, but he did not lose his sense of humor.

Taking to his Facebook page to narrate how the intensity of the bout felt, Benson left social media in stitches.

“Sithani kuna sports huwa na tension ka boxing, weh!” wrote Gicharu.

Gicharu started the round of 16 bantamweight contest positively but the contest took a different turn in the second round when he was floored with a left hook that opened a deep cut above his right eyebrow.

He described how he felt four different sensations at the same time, including wanting to pee, poop and puke.

“Ushawai sikia vitu nne at the same time,feelings mathogothanio,unaskia nikaa unataka kuenda haja ndogo,kidogo kidogo, haja kubwa,unaskia nikaa utatapika na sa hizo lunch uliguza guza tu opponent asiikwame kwa tumbo ithaa ya game,n then unaskia joto imekuchapa mwenda na sa sahizo kuna baridi ajab,” said Gicharu.

The bout which ended 29-28, 30-26 and 29-28 in favour of Erdenebat, sent the brave Kenyan boxer to the washrooms where he asked himself some tough questions.

“Nilijipata nimeingia wash room baadaye najiuliza what exactly did i come to do here. That’s the other side of me,” he concluded.

Another Kenyan boxer, light flyweight Peter Mungai also exited the competition earlier on Wednesday in the same ring.

He lost to Cuban Joahnys Argilagos.

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