wardsThere are numerous awards ceremonies in Kenya on anything you can think of. Most of these are in music where they are further divided into ether gospel or secular.

Just recently, we’ve started seeing awards targeting the matatu sector, where the best ‘Nganyas’ are recognized. However, these relatively new awards seem to be only targeting Nairobi. For some reason, organizers assume other towns don’t deserve their own shows.

That’s about to change.

Music icon Joe Kariuki is bringing us Vibe City Awards, which will be a series of back to back awards all around the country.

There will be a series of events in 5 major towns: Eldoret, Kisumu,Nakuru, Mombasa and ultimately Nairobi.


Two of the nominees in the upcoming Vibe City Awards

Instead of creating Vibe City Awards just like any awards out there, Joe envisions a much larger goal of recognizing excellence in different fields. These include transport (matatus), education, entertainment, transport, tourism, nightlife and even beauty.

“We are having probably the broadest array of categories ever invited in an awards platform… In addition to Best Club,Best DJ and Best Hood,we shall also have Best Matatu,Best Restaurant,Best Tourist attraction. Yes,even Best Church and so on and so forth. Like,we are awarding a town by it’s own excellence,it’s own amazing creations and it’s best of the best. Of course,there’ll be Man of The town and Woman of the Town too… It’s something you haven’t even seen before. It’s exciting and purely thrilling… “ Joe says.

Eldoret and Kisumu are happening first, so if you live in these beautiful cities, grab your computer or mobile phone and starting voting. The nominees list is already out.

Joe and his Candy and Candy Records fraternity have created a beautiful website to kickstart the voting process. Log on to the website and click on the blue VOTE icon, and you’ll be redirected to CANDY AND CANDY RECORDS FACEBOOK PAGEfrom where you can start voting on your favourite matatus among other things.