enosKenyan music producer Kevin Provoke has a bone to pick with rapper Octopizzo following the release of his latest hit song ‘Butere.’

The producer and artist manager who has worked with the likes of Wangechi, Just A Band, Blinky Bill, has hit out at the rapper and video producer Enos Olik for not crediting his work in the new video.

According to Provoke, Octopizzo has exploited his talent to his advantage.

“OCTOPIZZO is doing a great job and is one of kenya’s biggest artists but when you release a song without production credits that’s seems like you are exploiting my talent to your advantage….I respect your work but please respect mine..Producing music is what I do ONLY,” he lashed out on Facebook.


He added, “Enos Olik you know about this too and am saddened that it slipped your mind…Then I will come out as the bad guy for demanding credits to work I do/did. SMH! All in all good job on the video.”


Neither Octopizzo nor Enos had responded to the claims at the time of publishing.