huddah1‘Socialite’ turned businesswoman Huddah Monroe is now a ‘motivational speaker’, at least through her social media platforms.

The popular girl-about-town, whose extravagant lifestyle has always been attributed to rich, older men known as ‘sponsors’ in Kenya, has offered sound advice to girls who are obsessed with finding sponsors.

Through her Instagram, Huddah revealed that girls as young as 13 have been reaching out to her asking to get hooked up with sponsors.

She urged girls to focus on education because ‘sponsors don’t exist.’

“It’s VERY sad that Every young gal nowadays wants a SPONSOR- SPONSORS DONT f***in EXIST ! Your brain , education EXISTS! Finish your EDUCATION and stop taking it for granted . Some of you sometimes make me want to cry! Don’t DM me if you are 13, 14, 15, 16 asking on how you gonna make money . Where are you rushing to? I love you soooo much, and because I do I want you to take your EDUCATION VERY seriously! To be successful in the future, you need a GOOD EDUCATION. Life has no short cuts …. You have to live it day by day , step by step! Young boys and girls , I urge you Someni Kwa bidii, elimu ni msingi wa maisha! LET us be the LEADERS of TOMORROW! Mwenye masikio askie,” she wrote.


Truth be told, Huddah has ‘grown up’ in great leaps this year.