warioBy Donald Kipkorir

Free Advise To My Friend Dr. Hassan Wario, PhD


You are amongst a handful of Cabinet Ministers I am privileged to call my friend. Our friendship is mainly because we have surmounted our humble backgrounds. It is because of our shared life trajectory that I make this public advise. I lost my other Minister friends Kambi Kazungu and Davis Chirchir. I don’t want you to be my next friend to exit the Cabinet. It will break my heart.

The President rightly made you our Minister for Sports, Culture & The Arts. As a Professor of History & Anthropology, no one is more qualified than you for this triple responsibility. You alone are in a unique position to create a Kenya that is a fusion of kaleidoscope colors of tribe and culture. You alone has the responsibility of making Kenya what it truly is: the Origin of Mankind. You alone has the responsibility of making Kenya a sports superpower. Kalenjins don’t need dope to win races. Luos and Luhyas don’t need steroids to play football and rugby. Kisiis are made for sprints with their compact bodies. Masaais can throw javelin for fun. The Dunfords swim because they have swimming pools all over.

But, the Ministry has under-performed. Kenyan athletes have succeeded without any help from the Ministry. AK and NOCK continue to be run by same cartels that ran it since I was in Standard One. You have been unable to break it. When you took over the Ministry four years ago, I advised you informally and pro bono to disband all Sports Federations and risk global temporary ban but for national good in the long run. You didn’t take my advice. The scandal and shambolic planning of Rio Olympics maybe turn out to be the midnight of your public career. It maybe too late, but you have nothing to lose by acting this very late in the night to disband all Sports Federations.

Sports is one of three parts of your Ministry. Act on the other two also. The Presidency can only support you if you give them a reason to. So far, you haven’t. You have left Kenyans holding the short end of the stick. Don’t let your career end at midnight. Surviving to the rising of the sun is in your hands alone.