bungomaBungoma County is making headlines again, this time with some good news.

Over 700 residents of Bungoma, majority of them youth, are set to be employed at an upcoming chicken slaughterhouse in Chwele, Citizen Digital reports.

Governor Ken Lusaka, who was on an inspection tour of the facility Wednesday, said the facility will give the county an opportunity to export chicken to foreign markets.

“This will help in alleviation of poverty in Bungoma and other neighboring counties. It is a project of its own kind in Kenya,” said Lusaka.

He urged Bungoma residents to venture into large-scale chicken rearing for commercial purposes adding that the slaughterhouse requires 3,000 birds in a day.

“There are no more doubts again. Hapa Bungoma kazi tu (Here in Bungoma, it’s all about work).”

The Chwele Chicken Slaughterhouse is close to completion after a team of Chinese engineers arrived at the facility Wednesday morning to assemble parts of machinery to make it operational.

County Executive Committee Member in charge of Agriculture, Laurian Kolikho, said the chicken factory is one of the most important installations to the people of Bungoma.

“Though this project has taken a long time to start, it will soon be complete and provide ready market for our chicken,” said Kolikho.

He noted that they had already received a transformer from the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) to power the facility.

Kolikho added that water will be drilled at the chicken slaughterhouse site in due time.

“The assembling of the machinery marks a good time for farmers of Kabuchai Sub-county because the county government has also completed the construction of Musese coffee mills,” added Kolikho.