Bloomberg is a software,technology and mass media company that mainly deals with finance,markets,commerce and trade much like Wall street and Bay Street offering a window into market trends and and also appraising businesses and companies by evaluating them and valuing them as a whole.

One of the most respected financial cornerstones globally,Bloomberg has listed hugely successful international companies like Berkshire Hathaway, Johnson and Johnson, Nike and even Coca Cola.

And now,against a backdrop of such powerful companies and big names,a the first Kenyan-owned company ever has now entered into the books of history by getting listed on the prized New York based company.

Candy and Candy Records- UK Division,is the brainchild of Joe Kariuki,a renowned Kenyan business mogul and entrepreneur with vast interests across the mining,entertainment,commerce and even food production sectors.


According to the Bloomberg report,Candy and Candy Records is described as such ;

Candy n Candy Records provides information that assists clients’ decision-making in the areas of movie production, music production, media campaigns, public relations, creative design, and information technology. The company offers corporate management and consumer engagement through owned media; consulting services on brand reputation; and evaluation of consumers’ reactions.

The particular Candy and Candy Records that has been recognized globally is the UK branch but there’s also a Kenyan version of it from where Joe Kariuki mostly operates.

The business guru is also in the process of launching what is expected to be one of the biggest and most powerful media conglomerates in Kenya in August 13th the details of which are still being made public through media releases and social media activities.

In addition to having his company given such a global push and recognition,the company’s Founder and President has also been invited as a guest speaker to attend the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit 2016 on 28th September in the beautiful city of London.

And while at it,Joe has also partnered with Billionaire Chinese entrepreneurs who will work with him in providing huge LED advertising screens across all Airports in Kenya and also in major streets and highways.

Also,the Chinese businessmen are also working with the Candy and Candy Records President to host one of the biggest Entrepreneurial conferences in Kenya that will bring over 300 Chinese companies working to collaborate young Kenyan entrepreneurs with equally young Chinese business hotshots.

Clearly,it looks like there’s nothing the ambitious business legend won’t do. And no heights he won’t scale.

Kudos Chief.