frOne third of genge making rap group P-Unit has narrated one of his most embarrassing moments as a celebrity.

Francis Amisi better known as Frasha spoke to Snappy 7 over the weekend, revealing how he was sexually assaulted by a female fan.

According to the rapper, the incident happened at a university in Eldoret when a girl grabbed his private parts that he nearly cried.

“There was a show we were to do at a University in Eldoret and the students were eagerly waiting for us. When I was getting on the stage to perform a girl just grabbed my crotch and she wouldn’t let go. She squeezed me so that I nearly cried. I screamed so loud. The show had to be canceled because I could not perform. It was the shortest show I have ever done. I was in pain,” he said.

He also spoke about his family and his career in music.

Tell us about yourself and your background? – Frasha is a father, a husband, a physiotherapist, a musician and a strong believer of giving back to the society. I was born in Machakos, schooled in Machakos then I moved to Athi River but still went to school in Machakos.

My dad used to be a promoter back in the days He used to bring in musicians like Zaiko Langa Langa to perform in Kenya. When I was born, I was named Franco. My dad just sat down and decided to name me Franco of all the names out there. One weird thing is I have met a few kids named after me.

Has fatherhood and marriage changed you? – I have three kids, my first born is 14 years, second born is 12 years and our third born just turned two years; two girls and a boy. Everything I do I do it for them. Back in the day we used to play a lot but once you become a father you have to get your priorities straight.

I was in the same class in collage with my wife and it took three years for her to agree to go out with me. I think God talked to her and she eventually agreed to go out with me.

Why did you hide your identity at the beginning of your career? – It was because I used to work at Aga Khan Hospital and I didn’t want my employer and clients to know it was me who was singing those songs. I did not want it to rub people he wrong way. My boss supported me but the person who I was reporting to did not get it. I had to be more professional because it was work.

I was hiding because I didn’t want people to find out who the real me was. I also had to protect the most important thing in my life, my family. I always have to distinguish who Frasha is and who Francis is. When I get home I am a father first and all what you are seeing now comes off.

Additional Reporting by Snappy 7