middle classThe views expressed below are personal and do not reflect the views of Nairobi wire.

By Kibiwott K Christopher

“Middle class is the face of failure in this country.

They pay most tax yet instead of demanding quality service from government hospitals, they go to private hospitals and clinics;

instead of demanding quality education for their children in government schools, they dig deeper into their pockets to take their children to academies;

instead of raising hell about lack of water, they buy all sorts of plastic containers and buy questionable water from brokers; instead of standing against corruption, they retreat to their tribal cocoons where they attack other tribes on social media;

instead of suing the government for bad roads, they take loans to buy off road vehicles and look the other way as roads deteriorate; instead of voting in the right people during elections, they choose to stay at home and watch the results because they feel they’re too special to queue.

This result in greedy, incompetent and corrupt people being elected to parliament, senate and county assemblies.”