Last week, the Nigerian and Kenyan internet space was awash with news of Nick Mutuma’s secret ‘wedding’ to a Nigerian actress.

The Kenyan television heartthrob and Nigeria’s fast rising actress Chiagoziem Nwakanma were rightfully the talk of the town after colorful photos of their alleged wedding surfaced on the interwebs.




Well, this week it gets a little better as we get to see how the marriage is going.

A trailer of the highly anticipated Nigerian Romcom mini series ‘This Is It’ has finally been released.

The show follows the first year journey of the young clueless newlyweds Dede (Chiagoziem Nwakanma) and Tomide (Nick Mutuma), how they adjust living together, dealing with friends and a little drama. Season one focuses on the first 6 months.

Looks promising. Watch below: