faridaOf all the reasons given on why secondary school students may be blazing up their schools, Princess Farida Migwalla’s reason is probably the craziest.

According to the former chakacha queen, the cause of the unrest is satanic invasion which is sweeping across regions.

To back her claims, the gospel singer says she had a dream nearly three weeks ago which she could not understand, but later, God interpreted what the dream meant.

“Three weeks ago the Lord showed me the devil “farting” akiharibu hewa. I didn’t understand what it meant at that time, slowly God began to show me how the enemy has released unrest and upheaval in the atmosphere not only in Kenya but globally,” read Princess Farida’s July 24 Facebook post.

She added that the devil was targeting masses in malls, stadiums, schools and churches not only in Kenya but also globally.

“And this time he is targeting masses especially malls, stadiums, schools, churches etc. The recent waves of unrest (school fires), is proof that the enemy is targeting destruction of masses.”

Princess Farida, now a born again Christian and a gospel artist called on Kenyans to pray.

“Let us take our place as a church and stop his plans and put in God’s plan through intercession,” she concluded.

So far, over 100 schools have been burnt across the country.