bamzigiIt appears Kenya’s music legends are back to reclaim the industry. After Nyashinski recently got everyone excited, Bamzigi is back with a bang.

The African superman has been in the industry since 2000 and is one of the founding members of popular group Necessary Noize. He later pulled out of the group and came up with his own unique blend of house, Afro, hip-hop and with some dancehall influence, ‘Mizuka’, which became a force at a time when few artistes ventured into that territory.

However, his battle with drug addiction has hindered his progress and went to South Africa for treatment a few years back.

His comeback hit is dubbed ‘Form Ni Gani’, a feel good club party track that’s done in a Kenyan electronic Afro pop, hip hop, dancehall fusion style of music(mizuka.)

The track is produced by a young, upcoming talented producer by the name of DTX & is Co-produced by Bamzigi courtesy of the 3050 Muzik group studios in Nairobi Kenya, owned by Bamzigi.

Check out the lyrics video below: