be (1)Here is something Kenyans can learn from Ugandans.

Opposition leader Kizza Besigye’s supporters have learnt not to expect money from their leader, but to actually donate to him and his cause.

On Monday, Besigye saw his treason case dismissed and quickly a crowd formed on the side of the road as he made his victory lap on top of his vehicle.

In a video posted by NTV Uganda, dozens of supporters are seen stretching their arms, not to receive, but to give him small amounts of money.

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Besigye, the leader of Forum for Democratic Change and Museveni’s main rival, had revealed that the numerous court cases had taken a toll on his finances.

This is not the first time his supporters are donating to his cause. It is believed that millions of shillings were collected during his campaign rallies.

Here’s an older clip from one of his rallies.

We pretend to be a more mature democracy, yet very few of us donate to political causes. Instead, we wait for election time so we can receive bribes. This is something we should learn from our neighbours.